Distortion of facts:

Three writers after studying the socio-economic conditions of the Nepalese of the mid-western region have published their two editions on 1980 and 1982 under the Oxford University Press. The three writers are Piers Blaikie, John Cameron and David Seddon.

Population of Nepal in 1975
Bahun and Chetri Hindus 77.8%
Others 22.2%

Secretary level

Bahun and Chetries 92.8%
Naywars and others 7.2%

It clearly shows the picture that the 22.8% of the total population have occupied 92.8% of the higher administrative ranks, whereas 77.2% of the total population have occupied only 7.2% of the ranks, and most of those official positions are occupied by the Naywars. See other stastics
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