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The Proponents of Bahunism:

Let me quote you from the Reg-Vedas, the holiest script of the Hindus. These quotes clearly project their racial egoism at the cost of other castes and despising that has continued even from that ancient epic age. " The Bahun was born from the mouth, the Chetri from the arms, the Vaishya from the thighs and the Sudhra from the foot". Can any one imagine a man born from the mouth "Worship Bahun even he has no merits. But never worship a Sudra, whatever qualities, merits and skills he might have. The penance you observe for killing a sudra is equal to the penance for killing a cat, a kitten or a grasshopper. The trader, the Kirat(mongol), the Kayastha, the gardener, the weaver, the Chandal (untouchable), the Kol ect: are born from the Bottom of the Bahun. To talk with them is a crime, which can be erased only by looking at the sun. Never share wisdom with the Sudra. The Sudras should never earn wealth, or else they will afflict the Bahuns. For the Sudras, left over food for eating, torn cloths for wearing, and hay for sleeping, will be fitting." These are some of the quotes from their holy scripts. Even in the Geeta they have demonstrated their communal attitude: "The prostitutes, the Sundrs and the women are of sinful births." The non-Hindu Mongol people, who have accepted the lowest Sudra status of the caste-order, learn a lesson from these quotes (56-57).