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Meaning behind the name Nepal

Hindu historians have written a fictitious story about a sage named Nemuni and have derived the name of Nepal from him, and on the way to Pokhara, there is a cave near Damauli. They (Hindus) spread the rumor that it was the cave of a sage named Vyas, the author of Vedas, Narharinath, one of those so called-Hindu historians of Nepal has that licensed to misguide out people.

The word Nepal was actually derived from a Tibetan word nebal. It has ben noted in Tibetan and Chinese historical statements that the Tibetan rulers of 7th and 8th centuries were very powerful and had brought Nebal, Shensi, Urumtsi and Kuncha under their domination. Kathmandu's ancient name was Nebal. In 8th century, Jayapide, a King of Kashmir, invaded Nebal and became a captive of the local ruler Armudi. Armudi was a Tibetan name. Suniti Kumar Chatterji, the Chairman of the Asiatic Society and a professor at the Calcutta University in India, has verified this historical fact. In the Tibetan language Nepal means "a house of wool" (27-28).