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The Real Buddha

A great number of people are Buddhist in Nepal. The Lord Buddha was from Nepal, and he was a pure Mongol. Buddhism is absolutely different from Hindus and Hindus are against Buddhism. He was a Tahru, a branch of Mongol blood. His renunciation was not because of him seeing an old person, a sick person and a dead body. He was against the prevailing caste system and revolted against the discrimination of Hindu religion that preached hate and disparity among human beings. The Buddha's father was mislead and appointed into this Hindu cult and the Lord Buddha, being a prince of the kingdom, was not in a position of a commoner to be hanged, nor was he allowed to preach against Hinduism in the kingdom. So the conspirators exiled him and their prejudiced historians presented the Buddha's early life in a nihilistic and flowery manner, that we have been bound to study in our school curriculum. The Buddhist philosophy and principles do not tally with the Hindu religion, and they contradict Bahunism. Not only in Nepal, but also in some other places the political leaders with vested interests claimed that Buddha was an incarnation of the Hindu god, Bishnu. Buddha himself did not believe reincarnation. The lord Buddha' father Suddhodhan, (suddha+pure, dhan=paddy) had nuptial relations with his aunt's (father side) daughters and the Buddha's wife was his uncle's daughter (mother side). This custom is found prevalent among the Mongol tribes like the Tamu, Tamang, Magar and Sunuwar.

The lord Buddha was from Nepal, but Buddhism did not become the national religion of Nepal. Instead the religion brought by the refugees of India became the national religion of Nepal. (25-27).