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Stance of Mongol National Organization:

1. Nepal should be declared a secular country.

2. The king should remain life long president.

3. Nepal should have provincial government. Name of the provinces should be the named after rivers and mountains as before.

4. Nepal should have paramilitary force instead of army and police force.

5. All Nepalese Mongol should get Nepali citizenship when they come back to their native land, Nepal.

6. There should be one Mongol ministry for the welfare of Mongols.

7. Schedule caste (jat) untouchable Hindu sub-caste (jati), Christians, and Muslims should have their separate department to look after their grievances.

8. Hindunization of non- Hindu Mongol should be stopped. Hindu bahun priest should stop imposing Hindu rites in military and police force in Nepal. Similarly, the state owned Radio Nepal and Nepal television should permit Buddhist programs, as it is the native religion of Nepal.