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The distortion of tribal festival: Tihar (Bhai Tikka)

In the Tihar festival, we celebrate Bhaileni, Deosi and Bahikika. But on the first day, the Bahun priests cunningly innovated a Laxmi puja (worship of wealth goddess) and tried to impair the significance of our festival.

The tihar festival came into vogue to commemorate the good name of the Mongol king, Balihang. The king Balihang was sick. When he became seriously ill, all his subjects were very sad. Seeing the gloomy faces of his subjects the king told them to pray to almighty if they wanted his recovery. All the subjects prayed to the almighty for their king's recovery. Fortunately, the king became well. So they all lit lamps making the dark night bright and took parts in the rejoicing.

The king Balihang sent the youth through out his kingdom to spread the good news of his recovery. As there was no modern medium of communication, the youth went house to house singing, dancing and spreading the news. Thus a tradition of Bhaileni and Deosee-ray was commemorated every year. Even today they say, " we did not come on our own, on the command of the king Balihang, we have come here". When the youth returned to their own homes, they celebrated and rejoicing the sisters gave tika to their brothers. After that night (new moon) the Mongol, Naywars celebrate their New Year. But the Hindu Bajuns and Chherti because of having political power in their hand conspired to introduced Laxmi Puja on the same night…………………..They forced the Dasai festival on us and forced our people to make merriment over the death of our ancestral non-Aryal heroes. So we have to wake up, taking our fate and fortune into our own hands. We have to understand that political power plays a vital role in making misfortunes for us and for our coming generations