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The following newspapers have written about Gopal Gurung and his organization.

Rahter then posting just excerpts, I have decided to post whole articles so that you as

a reader will get the most out of it. In coming days I will be posting Mr. Gurung's other writings

and response to various magazines and newspapers, so do comment and come back again.

Enjoy and decide it your self.

Click the Headline !



 Dalit Voice, Banglore, India Minority Hindus Persecuting non-Hindus Majority
 Himalayan Guardian, Gangtok, India Asserting identity is not being communal:Nepal should be a secular country
 Sikkim Observer, Sikkim,India Gopal Gurung's Mongol National Organization is gaining ground in eastern Nepal.
 Telegraph Daily, Calcutta, India  Anti-Hindu stir launch in Nepal

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