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The following excerpts are just a few drops of a pond. It shows how the present world responded on humanistic ground towards the good cause of a freedom fighter. They know Mr. Gurung's struggle in not communal one, and their support is for universally approved human rights, democracy and freedom. So, Hidden facts in Nepalese Politics are a short of pavement for the manifesto of this newly formed political organization, Mongol National Organization.

Bhemsen Deusa Rai, Translator

"….. the hardship of your imprisonment has not affected your courage and determination to fight for your humanistic ideals. I want you to accept my admiration for what you did, not only your country but also to human rights all over the world."

Krestle Mehean, Copenhengen, Denmark.

".If there is anything we can do to supplement the prison diet, please let us know. We had not realized that Nepal is so divided racially.

" K.V. Simsen, PEN London.

"…people now discuss whether the Danish queen should have invited your king for a state visit, which took place last year. I encourage you to keep on working with your new book… you know that your release and work now has been described in Amnesty Internationals magazine."

Friederike French. Hojlundsh, Usene, Denmark.

"………. you will be allowed to live as a freeman in 1990" Hanne Bisgard, Paris.

"…From an Amnesty News letter I had already learned the wonderful news that you had been released from prison and I can't tell you how happy I was."

Gitte Lynge Fensen. Oddor, Denmark.